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"I Think I Got My Favorite Shot Of The Year"

1:35 AM, Jan 3, 2013   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Many have watched Jadeveon Clowney's tackle during the Outback Bowl,  over and over again, but one Columbia photographer got up close and personal for the big play.

"You knew right off the bat you had something special if you got that image," said C.J. Driggers.

That something special was captured by C.J. Driggers, a photographer for the website, Gamecock Central.

"Your goal as a photographer when you cover a team for a whole season is that by the end of the season you get that iconic shot," he said.

But Driggers almost missed the shot by being preoccupied with the play right before the hit.

"I saw a gap between the end of the ball and the stick," Driggers said. " I was caught up photographing and getting images of the players reactions and then they basically started the game again. And so I quickly turned over to the play and it happened so fast."

Driggers said a lot of photographers were so caught up in the botched call, that they missed Clowney's big hit. But he says that photo opp was much more luck than skill.

"Luck is when opportunity meets preparedness," he said. "I got the Clowney hit, but I missed the Ace Sanders touchdown because I was on the wrong side of the endzone."

But this isn't the first of Driggers iconic shots.

"Each year you try to get a great one and you referenced Alshon Jeffrey in 2011 and then the Swearinger for 2012 and day one of 2013 I think I got my favorite shot of the year so far," he said.

Video of Clowney clobbering Michigan's Vincent Smith is being played over and over, but the photo has been in heavy circulation.

"That's the one that you get and you sit back and can't look at it enough," Driggers said.

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