Dylan Thompson: 'I Just Want Jesus To Be More Famous'

10:22 PM, Sep 26, 2013   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) -  For many Gamecock fans, Dylan Thompson is just USC's backup quarterback.  But he opens up to News 19 about his love for God.

"I know people could have looked at me and told you that that's a good kid but my heart wasn't right," said Dylan Thompson.

If there are two things that USC quarterback Dylan Thompson thinks about when he wakes up and when he goes to bed is football and his faith in God.

"That's what I want to encourage my teammates with and my classmates with because you can put on a show for anyone you want but at the end of the day it's all about your heart and that's how I try to live my life right now."

"I faked it for so long  and I felt like every kid that grows up in the south does; I grew up in church but when I got to college I completely went with the world and just tried to get away from all of it ."

After his redshirt freshman year with the Gamecocks, Dylan rededicated his life to Christ. 

Now he uses football as an opportunity to share his faith with others.

"The thing I pray for at the beginning of the game is not to win or lose I just want Jesus to be more famous at the end of the game than he was at the beginning. What that means is Jesus I want you to be made famous in my life. Think about your role models they are famous in your life you are going to try and emulate that."

"Me growing up as a kid I loved Peyton Manning, so as a quarterback I am going to try and emulate Peyton Manning, So if you are chasing after Jesus who is famous in your life then you will try and emulate the things Jesus is about and I don't think anyone is perfect or going to nail it every single time but if you do know Jesus you will be a little more careful about what decisions you make and pursue what God is calling you to do."

Thompson has a large following on social media and he uses it as another tool to inspire others and share the word of God; but he says you don't have to be a star athlete to touch someone's life.

"Do your own thing, don't try to be Dylan or Tim Tebow, don't try to be all these people you see before you, I think that it is so important to have your relationship with Jesus Christ and whoever you are impacting is completely different than who I am impacting and I think you take advantage of every relationship that you have and minister to them and serve them."

He wears a bracelet every day that says "I Am Second" to continue to make God first

"It's your job to be making him famous and not promoting yourself so I wear this as a reminder that its not about Dylan, honestly its not about the Gamecocks its about how can we impact the world for Jesus and that's what I am trying to do."

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