Have you been suffering from migraines?  Are you terrified just thinking about visiting your Columbia SC dentist? Are you embarrassed by your teeth, but more embarrassed by your fear of dental treatment? Or do you need a lot of dental care, but don't want to sit in a dental chair for many long appointments?

Maybe you're not happy with your smile or the condition of your teeth and gums or... you're just looking for the right Dentist for you.

A Dentist who won't judge or criticize you, won't lecture or put you down... someone who truly cares about you, you health, how you look and feel.

Dr. Gregory Wych and his team of Professionals use the latest Technology and up to date methods on all procedures. If fact Dr. Wych was asked to join and is now a member of the Teaching Faculty at the prestigious Spear Institute in Scottsdale Arizona!

Your teeth and gums have to last you for life, so rest assured that whatever your dental issues may be, they'll be done right whether it's:

General Dentistry
Headache and Migraine Treatment 
Teeth Whitening
Cosmetic Dentistry
Sedation Dentistry
Dental Implants
Treatment of TMJ
Crowns or Bridges
Treatment of Gum Disease
Straightening Your Teeth
Restorative or Preventative dentistry
Mouth Guards for the Prevention of Concussions and mouth injuries