Golden Apple Award Mrs. Carla Adams R L Davis Elementary

2:09 PM, Jan 15, 2013   |    comments
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Cayce, SC (WLTX) - They are motivated, they are smart, many of them know what they want in life and they're only in kindergarten!

Big decisions and hard lessons are made easier due to a great teacher leading the charge.

Mrs. Carla Adams' students at R. L Davis Elementary School may only be in kindergarten but there's a lot they already know.  For example, they can spell their names, they know the days of the week, they can count to 100 and some students even have a career path picked out.

"I want to work at animal control when I grow up," said little Charleston Cartzendafner, "that's because I like animals a lot."

Mrs. Adams is helping them navigate through all of these new discoveries.

"I've taught 2nd, I've taught first, and I've taught kindergarten and I love what I do!" said Adams.

 Mrs. Adams has 21-years of teaching experience so she's had time to craft her art.

"I have to be organized. If you tell me I have to be here at 8:00, I'm going to be here at 7:30. And the second thing I strive for is I want my children, even though they're in kindergarten, they have responsibilities."

This is not a 9:00am to 5:00pm job for Adams.

"Sometimes the custodians have to put me out the building in the afternoon. I have to go home! But at night, I'm still working."

And says she is always eager to get back in the mornings.

"Every morning I come in and you could be having, 'Oh! I can't find this in the morning, I left this at home' and one of these little babies is going to tell me something in the morning that is going to make me feel good."

"With these young children, I love to see them come in and gain the knowledge and see how they progress through the years.

All of these reasons are why Mrs. Carla Adams is News19's Golden Apple Award Winner of the week.

If you know a teacher who is deserving, visit any Midlands BI-LO store, pick up a Golden Apple Nomination form and tell us why you think your favorite teacher deserves the honor.

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