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Golden Apple: Dr. Marcella Berry

7:21 PM, Nov 26, 2013   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) - One of the best lessons one can learn in life is to appreciate what you have, when you have it--to be thankful. That's exactly what a first grade class at Hyatt Park Elementary is learning this Thanksgiving week.

Dr. Marcella Berry is teaching her first grade students all about Thanksgiving including the traditions, "We do eat potatoes," explained student Jaquace Byrd.

"I'm thankful for Dr. Berry and my pet," said 7-year-old Ziniya Thurman.

To the simple, yet complex lesson, that it's important to count your blessings.

"Not just being thankful during this particular season but all year round," explained Dr. Berry. "That we have a lot to be thankful for."

As a teacher, Dr. Marcella Berry believes it's important to incorporate all facets of life into her classroom lessons.

"You don't want them to fail so by providing them with a quality education I'm helping them to be the best they can be."

For Jaquace that includes vocabulary, "She helps me spell sometimes and I know how to spell some stuff by myself."

And for Ziniya, numbers,"So you can learn how to count money and learn how to learn your math."

However, for all of her students the lesson includes the gentle example of patience.

"Can't is just not a word in our vocabulary," said Dr. Berry. "It's I will try, I will attempt, I will do my very best; and that's all I ask of them."

"Not all children will get it the first time around but that's why I continue to repeat the process hoping that I am going to make a difference in that child's life. "

All of these things combined are what earned her these kids affections and our Golden Apple Award.

"I'm just very grateful everyday that I get to come in here an do this job again and again and make a difference in my children's lives."

If you know of a teacher who deserves the Golden Apple Awards, nominate them here.

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