Faith and Family Lead to Breast Cancer Patient's Survivor Story

7:37 PM, May 20, 2011   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX)-- Lou Edna Guider knows all too well the importance of paying close attention to subtle changes in her body.

Doctors encourage women to perform monthly self-breast exams in hopes of finding a lump early.  But, for Guider it wasn't a lump but a milky white discharge that sent her to the doctor in 1993.

That was the symptom, that eventually led to her diagnosis of breast cancer.  Guider says she knew something was wrong when she received a phone call from her doctor in 2 days, when she was originally told that it would be 2 weeks before she heard anything.

Doctors performed a mastectomy and Guider did not have to have any additional treatment.  She considers herself a woman faith who relies strongly on her family.

Guider says she always knew that she was going to survive this battle and that her negative test results would eventually become a positive testimony.

Guider says she believes that her faith was as important as her surgery in her healing, "He's a great provider. He's a healer. He's your everything if you are a woman or a man of God he's your protector."

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