Mother Gets The Surprise of a Lifetime

9:34 PM, Jan 17, 2013   |    comments
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Lugoff, SC (WLTX) - On Thursday, a mother who spends her days taking care of other people's children got the surprise of a lifetime when her son made a surprise visit home from his tour in Afghanistan. 

"I love the kids," said Alice Winkler and every dayyou will find her at the Lugoff First Baptist church day care center.

"I've worked in pretty much all the classes."

For eight years she has been caring for other people's children.

"I treat them just like they were mine, cuddle with them, play with them, do whatever needs to be done."

As much as she loves her current charges she can't help but think of  her own son Michael who is stationed in Afghanistan.   

"It has been life changing;  it has made me closer with my mom and family," said Michael.

Michael has been in the Army for five years and this is his second deployment  to Afghanistan.  

His mom had no idea that he would be home and after the initial shock,  Alice says she is just so happy to have him home.

"It was hard because every time I hear that phone ring you never know what will come on the other end," said Alice.

Knowing that her son is fighting for our country gives her great pride

"It was a surprise when he decided that he wanted to go in, that made me so proud of him," said Alice.

A mother and her son reunited only for two weeks, but this family says they are going to enjoy every moment.

"Enjoy our time, go out and vacation, go and enjoy the little time I have left before I go back to Texas," said Michael.

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