Family of Lindsay Bires Wants Closure on Case

5:55 PM, Jul 31, 2013   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Last September a hit and run at Palmetto Health changed the life of a young nurse and her family, now they are still looking for justice.

Lindsay Bires was hit by car while standing on the sidewalk at Palmetto Health. Columbia Police say a small, white car ran off the side of the rode at least twice before hitting her.

The road to recovery has been long for Bires and her family, now they and the Columbia Police Department are still looking for the driver of that car.

"It is like being in a hell that never ends, you think you are turning a corner, things seem to be going well and then it takes a really bad turn," said Susan Bires, Lindsay's mother.

The accident and the recovery process has been very tough for the family according to Bires.

"I have been on this roller coaster since September 16th and it has taken a toll," said Bires.

She says Lindsay is making progress, she is out of a wheelchair, eating real food, but she still has a long road to recovery since coming out of her coma.

"She has to relearn how to walk, how to talk, how to keep her emotions, because when you first come out it, all of that isn't there anymore."

Even as Lindsay continues to reclaim the life she once had, the person driving the small, white car that hit her is still at large, according Columbia Police Interim Chief Ruben Santiago.

"Our biggest assets are those people with hearts in our communities, that really want to see justice done," said Santiago.

He said, "That is what we are asking for, not only asking, we are begging for help so we can bring some justice to the Bires family."

However, for now all the family can do is wait and hope that their daughter will continue to recover and that the person responsible will be brought to justice.

Bires said, "It would just at least show that the person cared enough, even though they drove through her that evening and left her for dead, that they at least have a conscience now and have some compassion for what they have done for her, because they really destroyed every part of her."

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