Low Scores for the Week of October 24, 2013

3:35 PM, Oct 24, 2013   |    comments
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Low Score: Rue 77, 1301 Assembly St., Columbia- 72%

They were cited for:

*Sewage in poor repair

*No soap, paper towels at handsink

*BrokBuildup/Film on 3 comp. sink

*Follow-up inspection scheduled for October 25, 2013

Low Score: Cletus' Roadside Grille, 11210 Broad River Rd., Columbia- 78%

They were cited for:

*Coffee filters not stored protected

*Personal items stored with single service items

*Potentially hazardous foods not held at proper temperatures

*Follow-up inspection: October 28, 2013


Low Score: Saki Tumi, 807 Gervais St., Columbia- 77%

They were cited for:

*Utensils stored in standing water

*Potentially hazardous food not held at proper temperatures

*Wiping cloths not stored in apporved sanitizer

*Follow-up inspection: 99%

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