Bishopville Teen Charged with Shooting Aunt, Injuring Grandmother

5:43 PM, May 12, 2011   |    comments
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Bishopville, SC (WLTX) - A Bishopville teenager is in jail after investigators say he tried to kill his aunt and grandmother.

Deputies say that the 15-year-old shot at them with two different guns, hit his aunt with one bullet, and physically fought with his grandmother.  But in the end, they say he tried to stop his aunt's bleeding and hoped that she didn't die.

"You have somebody that's a loved one in the hospital and a loved one in the detention center," says Major James Dellinger, with the Lee County Sheriff's Department. For Dellinger, it's a difficult case to deal with and investigate. He says it began with a punishment for talking back and involved taking away the 15-year-old's cell phone.

"They talked about the punishment, taking the item away from him. He got upset about that. They said that he was being disrespectful," explains Dellinger of the statements they received from the teen. 

That's when investigators say he brought a pistol downstairs and shot his aunt in the neck.  "After that initial shooting incident, the gun malfunctioned and he went back upstairs and got a separate gun, and came back downstairs and fired two more rounds," Dellinger says. 

By this time, the two were hiding in a room and someone called 911. When the second gun, a shotgun, ran out of rounds; deputies say the teen's grandmother wrestled him to the ground, letting him up when he promised not to hurt anyone. 

Explains Dellinger, "He actually told the first officers there that he hoped that they didn't die and he was actually trying to render some kind of aid to the aunt before EMS arrived." 

It was a confusing situation that sent both women to the hospital, and the 15-year-old to jail.  "The ultimate question they want to know is, 'Why'd this have to happen?' or 'Why'd this have to happen to my family?" says Dellinger. 

The teen is charged with two counts of attempted murder.  He's scheduled for a family court hearing Friday, that could determine if he's tried as an adult.

News19 spoke briefly with the teen's uncle off-camera, who said the grandmother is out of the hospital now and they're still hoping for the best with the aunt's condition.

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