Abortion Legislation Heads to House

7:31 PM, Feb 23, 2011   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- The  Judiciary Committee of South Carolina's House of Representatives has cleared the way for legislation that could affect who covers the cost of an abortion.

Republican Representative Greg Delleney of Chester County says the measure allows the state to opt out of abortion coverage.  He says it's allowable under the new federal health care law, and other states have already done the same thing.

"The taxpayers of the state should not be required to pay for abortion when they object to it. People who buy health care coverage who object to their money being used for abortion, elective abortions, not abortions where the life of the mother is involved but only elective abortions," said Delleney.

Representative Bakari Sellers, a Democrat representing Bamberg County, wanted the legislation to cover victims of rape and incest. 

The measure would require people to get coverage for elective abortions for alternate groups.

"The suggestion that you can get an additional rider is asinine at best to me," said Sellers.  He argues rape and incest are unforeseen occurrences. "You don't show up when you're purchasing insurance and say oh I may be raped or I may be the victim of incest so let me purchase these additional riders," he said.

The legislation will now head to the House.

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