Del. Doctor Plans Cold Remedy Launch

7:27 AM, Oct 29, 2012   |    comments
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By CORI ANNE NATOLI - The (Wilmington, Del.) News Journal

One impassioned infectious disease doctor, turned inventor, turned chief operating officer, made the trek from China years ago to do something no one else had ever before done, he says -- find a remedy for the common cold.

Nevermind tireless years of education in traditional medicine James Liu endured in Asia and ultimately at Penn State University, instead the doctor relied on thousands of years of practice, belief and documentation that much can be cured through homeopathic remedies.

"It's very easy for me to accept that as a concept," said Liu, chief executive officer for TechWorld Medicals, which is about to launch Liu's dream -- a treatment for the common cold. "This product will be a big winner for this winter."

The Drx Healing ColdFluCareKit removes cold and flu viruses, reduces nasal inflammation and shortens the duration of symptoms without side effects, Liu says of the 22-ingredient homeopathic treatment.

He says the kit will rid a cold in as little time as one full day or two, depending when the bug was caught. The cost: $19.99 per box. 

"When I was in medical school we did so much to save lives, but so many suffer from the common cold and still nothing works," Liu recalled. "We have no drug, no vaccine, and yet it's so bothersome and so much trouble. Now we have the solution. Now we have the cure."

Cold viruses, according to Liu, only grow in the nose and because there are countless viruses, no drug has been created to treat a cold. The product Liu is introducing this month kills "all kinds of viruses and gets rid of them all," he said. "You will see. You will have to try."

The quick remedy was put to the test during clinical trials in the U.S. and China where efficacy for the product was proved, Liu said.

The firm founded in 1998 has 25 employees in the U.S. and 50 overseas, mostly in sales. It has developed 18 health care products and marketed them in the U.S. and overseas online at

The key products were developed based on patent-protected technologies using homeopathic ingredients to treat sinus conditions, asthma, influenza and the common cold. TechWorld Medicals operates with two product lines, NasalCare and DRx Healing.

Aside from a few other products, including a sore throat spray, many of the treatments call for the use of a nasal irrigator. When depressed, the device irrigates nasal passages, treating them with homeopathic remedies to rid ailments and cleanse and remove triggers for allergies, viruses and inflammation.

For asthma, Liu said, prevention is better than treatment. NasalCare kits, unlike competitors, contain aloe vera extract to moisten the nasal cavity, Liu said.

"It's kind of a small operation now but pretty soon it's going to be big. Big," Liu said, anticipating this month's launch of the ColdFluCare Kit to double, if not triple, revenue. The company had a $3 million in revenue in 2011 including U.S. and overseas sales, he said. Three quarters of the firm's profits are from China, while roughly one quarter is in U.S. sales, Liu said.

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