McDonalds Employee Killed Taking Out the Trash

6:25 PM, Oct 14, 2010   |    comments
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  • Family photo of Willie Jennings

Batesburg-Leesville, SC (WLTX) - A 57-year old man was killed Wednesday night outside a McDonald's restaurant in Batesburg-Leesville. Investigators are trying to determine a motive.

Police have three suspects being questioned in connection with the deadly shooting. The victim's family and friends are grieving his death.

"He didn't have to die like that, he was a very good man. A sweethearted person. Good heart,"said Willie Jenning's step daughter, Sylvette Hall.

Hall has not slept since she got the call at 2 o'clock Thursday morning that her step father was killed.

"He raised me from a little girl, so he's gonna always be my pop,"said Hall.

Police say Jennings was shot to death outside the restaurant located on West Columbia Avenue.

Investigators say the incident happened around 11:30pm while Jennings was taking out the trash.

"We just don't understand who would do something like that to a good man,"said Hall.

Investigators have an idea. They are questioning three people in connection with the deadly shooting.

"It cost him his life trying to make a dollar,"said E.T. Tolen who knew Jennings all his life.

He says his friend was working at McDonalds to try and support his family after falling on hard times.

"He was struggling, he came to me a couple days ago. He had four flat tires and didn't have money so I gave him four tires and got him on the way,"said Tolen.

While Jennings' loved ones cope with his death, they are praying. But not just for themselves.

"Whoever done it, pray for them also, they need help that they won't do that to someone else,"said Hall.

Family and friends say Jennings had a young child and was expecting another soon.

Police say in addition to the three suspects who are in custody, they also found a handgun in the suspects' car.

Investigators could files charges soon.

McDonalds issued a statement saying, "We are shocked and saddened by the death of one of our employees. Our thoughts and prayers remain with the family, friends and co-workers."

Spokesperson Sandy Webb goes on to say,"The safety oy my employees is extremely important and we are fully cooperating with the police department on their investigation. Since this is a pending police matter, further inquiries should be directed to the Batesburg Police Department."










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