"I Just Did Whatever God Wanted Me To Do"

11:31 PM, Oct 3, 2012   |    comments
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Lexington, SC (WLTX) -- When registered nurse Ashley Warren was in nursing school in 2006, her decision to get extra credit for a class, could very possibly save a life six years later.

In the emergency room at Lexington Medical Center, neither patient nor medical staff can hide from Ashley Warren's contagious personality.

"What I'd normally be doing is running around this place like a crazy person," said a laughing Ashley Warren.

Life is full of decisions and Warrens' is no different. Her choice to become a nurse has helped thousands of patients. But in 2006, while still in nursing school, even she can't believe the impact one decision could have.

"I had a 'B+' on an exam and I am a super perfectionist and I'm like, professor what can I do to get an A? He says, you can go sign up for the national bone marrow donor program registry. So that's what I did."

Ashley went to campus, got her mouth swabbed, became apart of the Bone Marrow registry and of course got her 'A'. After six years, and a letter in the mail, the extra credit may be giving a stranger an extra shot at life.

"What happen next was they had me goto a local labcorp to get confirmatory bloodwork drawn. I found out I was her perfect match," said Ashley.

In August, she was flown to Washington DC, where doctors took some of her bone marrow that will be used for transplant surgery.

"Everyone comes and asks me, do you feel like you are a hero? Do you feel like you've done anything special? And, I really don't. I just did whatever God wanted me to do," said Ashley.

While her personality may be the first thing you notice. "Lot's of thumbs up pictures," Ashley said laughing. It's her heart that a stranger, will never forget.

"When God gives you something so perfect that you can give to someone else to save their life and it's that's simple, I would do it. I would do it a million times more."

Ashley tells News19 she cannot meet her match until a year goes by. But after that, if the person she donated to agrees, she will be able to finally meet the person who's life she helped save.

If you want to help someone in need, who may be looking for a bone marrow donor, the process is easy. Just go to www.BeTheMatch.org The process starts with just a swab of your mouth but could end, saving a life, just like Ashley's story.

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