College Gameday Crew Excited For The Big Game

12:29 AM, Oct 6, 2012   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) - With the College Gameday crew in town everyone is looking forward to seeing who they are going to pick.

"I think the key to the game is which defense will play the best," said Lee Corso.

"The biggest key for them is to disrupt Aaron Murray," said David Pollack.

"If I could sit here and tell you how it was going to play out and who was going to win, I wouldn't have to work," said Chris Fowler.

The ESPN College Gameday crew is known for making their picks and David Pollock says the USC, Georgia game is going to be a close one.

"Usually one of these teams have already had their bubbles popped and are not ranked in the top five or six. Now you move the game back to week six and you see that the two teams are top six caliber teams and so it means that much more," said Pollack.

This isn't the first time College Gameday has been to USC. And if you ask ESPN's Chris Fowler the Horseshoe is one of their favorite locations.

"It is one of the premier backdrops we have for our show anywhere," said Fowler.

Lee Corso and others say USC has some of the best fans in college football.

"I said they had so many losing seasons in a row yet they fill the stadium, that's a great sign for any coach," said Corso.

"The ways the students stay late and camp out, you walk out on the set and there is a lot of energy for us and that helps for us and makes it exciting on the stage."

Some people including Corso doubted that Coach Spurrier could bring the program out of the darkness.

"What most of us thought was not possible has been exceed in what has happened here in the past few years."
All eyes will be on who Lee Corso picks, USC or Georgia.

"Have you put on the cocky hat yet? Next question," said Lee Corso.

Corso made some fans upset when he said Coach Spurrier will never win a SEC championship at USC... This year he says they have a great shot at it.

"I promised him if we won the SEC, I would crawl on my hands and knees across the field and kiss his ring."

That priceless moment could come sooner than he thinks.


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