Lexington Deputies Struggle With Suspect and Pitbull

7:28 PM, Nov 12, 2012   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Lexington Deputies had their hands full with a suspect and his pitbull when they were called to a domestic dispute.

"The taser didn't really faze him," said Sheriff James Metts.

At 240 lbs, Canadian football player Ventrell Jenkins, has made a living off his size.  Lexington deputies said they had to taze the former Columbia High player six times to get him in to custody.

According to an incident report, deputies got the call to a domestic dispute on Chelton Court Wednesday just after midnight. That's when deputies said they found Jenkins repeatedly punching his unconscious fiancee in the face while saying "love you."

"She was swollen and bruised to the point that she was not recognizable," Metts said.

The first deputy to respond said he tased Jenkins after he resisted arrest.

'They fought around the room and he was able to get the deputy's taser," he said.

That's when Jenkins's pitbull bit the deputy's leg. When an additional deputy came to help, he was also bitten while trying to handcuff Jenkins. A third deputy came to help and he was bitten, too.

"They finally got the individual under control. Took three of them to get him down and three pairs of handcuffs to get him handcuffed and leg irons to get his legs so we could subdue him enough," he said.

The dog was sprayed with OC spray and tased. Sheriff Metts says arresting Jenkins was no easy task.

"Yes, this individual is big, he is aggressive, he's trained to be aggressive playing professional football," Metts said. "It was quite a task for our officers."

The deputies were taken to the hospital and released for their bites. Jenkins's fiancee is still in the hospital in stable condition. Jenkins remains in custody. He's charged with resisting arrest -- assualting law enforcement and criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature. 


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