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Girls Get Empowered at Hopkins Middle School

9:22 PM, Nov 16, 2012   |    comments
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Hopkins, SC (WLTX) - Middle school can be a tough time for many kids: fitting in and learning about who they are. One group of girls at Hopkins Middle School got some help with that Friday night, as they spend the night in their school gym.

"If you received a green piece of candy, please stand up," instructed the speak to the dozens of girls, listening intently from the gymnasium bleachers, "This number represents the number of girls in the state of South Carolina that have babies every single day." A number that shocked these middle schoolers, when it seems like not much would.

But empowering them wasn't just about statistics. They got the chance to get a little exercise and learn a little more about each other. "I tell my students all the time, it's so easy for them to be negative. It's like you have to teach them to say nice things to one another,"explains chorus teacher Whitney Weston. 

"A chance for the girls to come together and foster different relationships amongst themselves," says science teacher Mironda Scott, "Seventh grade usually stays secluded with seventh grade, eighth grade usually stays secluded with eighth grade, but now they're all intermixed."

New bonds - with a little health knowledge, the importance of education, some hair tips and fun thrown in - could just mean a brighter future outside of the gym.

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