State Commission Says "Human Error" in Richland Vote Count

8:35 PM, Nov 19, 2012   |    comments
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State Law Enforcement Division agents load up Richland County voter data on November 8, 2012 so it can be counted later.

Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- As the South Carolina Election Commission certified Richland County's votes today, we learned the numbers given by the county to the state commission didn't add up.

SC Election Commission spokesman Chris Whitmire says the voting machine audit "was clean, but it appears on the paper ballots, the optical scan ballots (absentee, emergency, provisional ballots) there appears to be an error in about 8 to 10 ballots."

Whitmire says they discovered the error in an audit of votes cast in the county, both by voting machines and paper ballots.

Whitmire went on to say "Basically the paper ballots that are scanned, the (county election commission) gets the results from the scanner, and in some cases you manually enter them into the vote tabulating computer, and (it) appears there was an error in the manual entry of those votes."

While the state election commission is still trying to figure out exactly what happened, they believe human error is to blame.

Since the state commission doesn't count votes, they must rely upon data given to them by Richland County.

"They're saying these are our official count. It's not in our purview to change that," Whitmire went on to say. "It was a small error, but none the less significant, because we want to make sure every ballot was counted."

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