How to Make Decorative Pinecone Turkeys

9:32 AM, Nov 21, 2012   |    comments
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By Lauren Talarico

(WLTX) - Pinecone Turkeys have become a fun little tradition in my family! Every year we gather around the table or pop a squat on the floor and make several of these crafty gobblers for our Thanksgiving dinner table. I use them as decorative plate toppers but they can be used as name card holders or anywhere else to add a bit of festivity. This is also a great craft that kids can help with. Just send them out into the yard and challenge them to collect the best leaves and pinecones they can find. Then just look at their faces as they proudly exclaim to family and friends, "I made those!"

Here's what you'll need:


Leaves, Feathers or Construction Paper (depending on preferred look)

Brown Pipe Cleaners

Hot Glue Gun

1) Make sure you find the side of the pinecone that will sit flat on table without rolling over, this should be the bottom of the turkey

2) Bend pipe cleaner in half and stick into the thin end of the pine cone to create neck. Once secured with some hot glue, bend top of pipe cleaner in a downward position to create head.

3) Hot glue feathers, leaves, or construction paper into the wide back end of pine cone to create tail.

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