Attorney: At Least 30 Days for Elections Report

7:36 PM, Nov 28, 2012   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Questions still surround Richland County's election, but don't expect a report to be released soon.  Steve Hamm, the county hired attorney now representing the Elections and Voter Registration board says it could take at least 30 days to complete a thorough report.

"I am well aware that there is great legislative and public interest in that, but getting it right is more important than timing in my mind," said Hamm.

He attended the delegation hearing Monday and says he took 25 pages of notes to help in the investigation.

"Their questions certainly reflect not only their personal concerns, but also the concerns they've heard from their fellow citizens.  I thought it was helpful and I intend to embody in some fashion or another the questions and possible responses," he said.

Hamm plans to send letters to lawmakers and county council members asking for additional information they think is important.  He also plans to consult local experts.

"I do want to take advantage of USC and the professor that's done reviews of elections results, compare that with conclusions and data that I might have received," he added.

Hamm says he will review elections laws and interview elections staff and poll workers to find out what happened before, during and after the election.

Thursday he will meet with board members to formally present them with the Attorney General's opinion on who has the authority to fire elections director Lillian McBride.  That opinion came out Monday saying the board has that power.

"Advise them as to what it says, I wouldn't be surprise if they asked to go into executive session for me to give them a detailed legal briefing we are talking about a personnel matter," he said. 

The meeting could also provide a more solid timeline for the reports completion and what board members want included.  Hamm says the process will gain more speed after the board hears from parties involved in election protests on Monday.

While he will have no say in any decisions made by the board, Hamm will offer suggestions on how to move the board and elections office forward. 

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