Sandy Relief: "Its Better To Give Than To Recieve"

12:00 AM, Dec 2, 2012   |    comments
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Sumter, SC (WLTX) - In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, many New Jersey and New York families are more focused on rebuilding their lives rather than focusing on the Christmas holiday.

"After hurricane sandy hit in my home town, I jumped up and said we need to help, they are in need," said Kristy Cameron.

Kristy Cameron is from New York but now lives in Sumter. Two weeks ago, after seeing what happened to her home state, she decided to take a road trip to help.

"My first thought was these are the people I grew up with and they are standing on the streets with nothing, they are cold and hungry," said Cameron. "We collected supplies with the help from the community in Sumter and filled the truck and drove it up to New York."

When she came back she started to think about one of the biggest holidays of the year... Christmas and how many kids will wake up with nothing.

"My first thought was looking at my kids and I couldn't imagine them waking up with nothing under the tree."

Cameron started South Carolina Cares- Operation Santa. Her goal is to fill up a truck before heading back up north.

"Kids still believe in the magical spirit of Santa, why should that be taken from them? If we have the ability to help then why shouldn't we."

Katina Dreamer donated items the first time Cameron went to help victims. This time she is volunteering.

"Not only are the kids not going to have a very good Christmas but the things they already had are taken from them, their toys, pictures, their favorite blanket, maybe a pet, so it is important to do what I can. I can't do a lot but I can do this," said Dreamer.

She says standing outside taking donations in our states warm winter weather...wearing a Christmas sweater is all worth it.

"Why not teach our kids the true meaning of Christmas, it is better to give than receive," said Cameron.


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