Prayer Vigil: "We Have To Try To Move Forward"

11:17 PM, Dec 21, 2012   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) - One week after the mass shooting in Newtown Connecticut people all over the country are still dealing with the tragic loss of 27 people.

"I never would of thought that this would happen, it is terribly shocking and it's unbelievable," said David Hedden.

"To me it was really emotional and I have a six year old son and it could have very well happened here in Columbia, South Carolina," said Kyle Greene.

Kyle Greene decided that something needed to be done here in the Midlands and organized a prayer vigil.

"My pastor said something in church after it happened, he said one prayer can go where we cant go, in this situation right here, I have no ties to any in Newtown, but we can come say a prayer even it is 10 of us, hopefully it will help the families in need," said Greene.

Tamera Barnett doesn't have children of her own but felt the need to bring her friends children.

"I asked them if they were scared and they said no. I guess they don't think that it can happen to them, so we talked more about that and that you always have to be aware," said Barnett.

Hedden has a child in college, he says in times like this all he can do is pray.

"I couldn't imagine dealing with that kind of heartache, I don't know how that can be resolved, just having strong faith in God. We just have to try to move forward and pray for the victims," said Hedden.


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