New Sen. Tim Scott Starts 'Listening Tour'

5:56 PM, Jan 7, 2013   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Now that's he's officially a U.S. Senator, Tim Scott is making his rounds in a listening tour through the state.

He made his first public address since taking office at the Columbia Rotary Club Meeting Monday afternoon.

"Where we must go is a place we must go together," Scott told the group.

Optimism, hope and opportunity were a big part of Scott's message.  He shared part of his history and political past, but also left plenty of time for members to ask questions.

On term limits, he has and still supports them.  In government assistance verses people going back to work, Scott says lawmakers need to find a way to create incentives for people getting back to work and craft systems to help different types of families, like single parents who have to balance work and taking care of their children.

Now, with a fiscal cliff negotiation, Scott says he knows the focus is on the national debt and spending.

"Based on all that I've seen so far, and what I've experienced in the house in the past, what we do on the debt ceiling, is typically not enough to get my support. So we're gonna have to work really hard at figuring out a plan that goes forward, that reduces our spending that presents and creates a budget from the senate and not simply words, but actual action. If we can get there, there's a possibility, but so far we haven't seen anything that looks like we're heading in that direction," said Scott of current proposals floating around Washington.

He told those with questions about that topic that he has proposals he has to look over, but believes money should stay with families and not go to the government.

"If family incomes and family businesses are not going up, and increasing, that means that the government spending is going up. So if we want to control government spending, we ought to keep our focus on family income and family business. By doing so we give them the resources by not taking them from them, and we find ourselves in a really good position," he said.

Scott also says it is important that people know that while he's philosophically on the right, he still wants to hear from everyone, whether they share his opinion or not.

"I still very open to hearing what people have to say, because as I said to one of the guys who asked a question, it is my responsibility to take the best and brightest ideas from other people to the senate with me. Not for me to think that I have somehow figured it all out. That would be inconsistent with the truth because no one's figured it all out," said Scott.


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