Expulsion Reversed; Father Says "It's About Time"

11:21 PM, Jan 31, 2013   |    comments
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Sumter, SC (WLTX) - The Sumter School District Superintendent Randolph Bynum has overturned the ruling of the hearing panel, allowing a six-year-old girl the opportunity to return to school after being expelled for bringing an Airsoft gun to school.

The Sumter School District has zero tolerance for weapons on school campuses, in this case firearms, which includes a look a like. 

The Sumter Police department says the Airsoft gun that the six- year-old brought to school is not recognized as a weapon according to state law.  Police say its a BB gun that shoots plastic pellets.

"It's about time, I hate that it had to go public, but maybe they need to rethink their policies a little," said Hank McKinney.

Earlier this month, six-year-old Naomi McKinney took her brothers black and clear airsoft gun to school for show and tell. 

She was expelled for violating school policy

Thursday, Sumter School District Superintendent Dr. Randolph Bynum overturned his decision saying: "After careful thought and consideration for the safety of the school community, I have decided to vacate the ruling of the hearing panel. The suspension time has been served."

"I hope she didn't fall behind, we tried to pick up the ball with her education ourselves and teach her each day as we had her there," said McKinney.

According to the police report the officer says he could see bb's inside the gun.  Naomi's father Hank says the toy gun was broken and could not fire.  He says she didn't do anything wrong to warrant expulsion from school.

"If she would have pulled it out and threatened someone then I would not have said anything. I would have been handling this issue with Naomi instead of the school."

McKinney says he is just happy that the issue has been resolved and his daughter can return to school.

"I am extremely excited about that and glad to hear that and thank God."

Sumter Superintendent Dr. Bynum says that they will collectively revisit all board policies that affect student discipline.












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