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Former Gamecock Remembers Super Bowl

1:26 AM, Feb 4, 2013   |    comments
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Sheldon Brown

York, SC (WLTX) -- Former Gamecock Sheldon Brown played in the 2005 Super Bowl with the Philadelphia Eagles. Although he didn't win, he still has lots of memories of the big game.

"I'm thinking maybe if I intercept that ball, I would be a Super Bowl champion," Sheldon Brown said.

As Brown prepared to watch Super Bowl XLVII, he couldn't help but think of his experiences there. At 33, he feels lucky to have had the chance to even be in a Super Bowl.

"There's a lot of guys that play in this league 11, 12 years and they don't make the playoffs. I was very fortunate. I went to a team that was established," he said.

Now a cornerback with the Cleveland Browns, who have yet to make a Super Bowl appearance, he realizes the difficulty in accomplishing the task that came at ease when he was a rookie.

"Now, I'm in the back end of my career and I would do anything, I would kill to be in the playoffs," Brown said.

And from what he remembers being in the spotlight was a little too bright.

"I'm running and I look up," he said. "And you're blinded because there's so many flashbulbs at one time. People just taking pictures of the opening kickoff," he said.

Brown said if he got the chance to have another go at the Super Bowl it wouldn't be for his benefit.

"I' would probably want to get there more for my son than for me," Brown said. "He really understands the game. He understands what I do. And it would be priceless."

In March, Brown will become a free agent.

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