Bangs Shoes Making Strides Around the World

1:02 PM, Mar 2, 2013   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) - A Columbia native is finding a way make shoes both fashionable and charitable.

Hannah Davis created Bangs shoes, which sends profits to small charities which made a big difference.

"The shoes are interesting and new and they're different but it's a canvas shoe and the important part of it is the story," Davis says.

Walking a mile in her shoes can provide clean water for a village or put food on someone's table. But it all started with someone else's soles in China.

"One of my guy friends I was walking around with bought this green pair of shoes from an army surplus store, and I thought they were super funky so for the next two and a half years I developed this plan for a company and every color represents a different non profit," she says.

Red represents disaster relief, khaki hunger, green development, and blue clean water.

The Clemson graduate has been busy getting other colleges and even a high school to run with the idea.

"I still feel very close to my college community and my high school community and so one of the ways we've been trying to promote the brand and promote the missions of our non-profit partners is through a grass roots marketing program," she says.

"Just having that international focus and that international awareness that there are things in our world that need help and I'm going to go out and change that that's been really inspirational for me in getting involved with BANGs," says Joe Palekas, the campus rep for Bangs.

Bangs aren't too fancy--just single-colored, canvas shoes. But these simple shoes are making big strides all across the world.

And Bangs shoes have trekked from China to right here in Columbia.

"Hannah came in one day and said I have these fantastic shoes I want you to take a look at and I thought yeah ok, we get that all the time," recalls Kelly Tabor, who owns Good for the Sole, a shoestore in Columbia's Five Points.

But the shoes resonated with Tabor so much, he decided to carry them. And for do-gooders like Hannah and her Bangs team, this is just another way to spread the message of humanitarianism. 

"It's really easy to sit here in South Carolina, in Columbia, and be like I'm not going to worry about what's going on anywhere else in the world, but I think as our world progresses and as we become a more global society people, we realize more and more that there are thing  that are going on in North Africa, there are things going on in Haiti, that we as Americans can really help and really improve the situations there," says Palekas.

For more information on the company, visit the Bangs website.

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