"Busted Plug" Heads to Finlay Park, But Where?

7:52 PM, Mar 8, 2013   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- 'Busted Plug' will soon be calling Finlay Park home, but the city and the artist have different ideas as to where the famed outdoor piece of art should reside in the park.  

"Why don't they listen to me? I know what I'm doing. I do this for a living." said 'Busted Plug' artist Blue Sky.

The four-story hydrant currently sits in a parking lot on Taylor Street.  

The city and Blue Sky are in agreement it should be in Finlay Park.  C

ity Council wants the huge art sculpture to call the corner of Taylor and Gadsden Street at the park, home. 

"In order for it to become what we think it can become, a living piece of public art, it has to be somewhere where it's safe where children and others can access it," Mayor Steve Benjamin said.

Blue Sky thinks the statue should call the corner of Assembly and Laurel street home.

"The hydrant, itself, sitting here; The water shooting over into the basin right there, which is only about 25 feet away; Kids playing, already got the sidewalk, already got the infrastructure set up. You got seating down there where the parents could sit. It's all perfect, just perfect," Blue Sky said.

The Mayor believes it's the streets around the location that cause one of the biggest problems.

"Assembly street is a very wide, highly trafficked, and sometimes people just drive too dog gone fast," Benjamin said.

But Blue Sky thinks the sculpture should be highlighted.

"You can't even see it from the road over there. If you look, you might could see it as you drive by. But it'd be about 100 yards away from the road and it makes no sense whatsoever," Blue Sky said. "Unless you were trying to hide it, which I think they're trying to do."

Another aspect they aren't seeing eye-to-eye on is the water feature.

"I don't like the idea that they have of water shooting up out of the ground. That doesn't make any sense. It doesn't go with the idea of the hydrant," Blue sky said.

Until a decision is made, the giant fire hydrant will remain high and dry on Taylor street.

City Council is still in talks with Blue Sky and the Parks and Recreation department to decide on a final location.    

Mayor Benjamin hopes to have the sculpture  take up residence in Finlay park by this summer.

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