Local Boutique Uses Instagram to Entice Shoppers

6:54 PM, Mar 18, 2013   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- A new trend is sweeping the popular social media app, Instagram: it's seeing more businesses as users.

"We use it almost on a daily basis ever since," said Bohemian manager Denise Stahl.

Instagram supports over 100 million monthly users, but just a fraction of those people are following Five Points Store, Bohemian.

The store signed up for Instagram in December and prefers it over their other social media profiles. 

"When we started with Facebook I thought that it was going to make all the difference. Twitter is there, but I really think Instagram is above and beyond because of the accessibility of it," she said.

Stahl says Bohemian's Facebook has been active for about four years with over 2,000 likes. But in just 3 months, Instagram has almost half that in followers. And with every post, customers are logging off their Instagram and thumbing the racks.

"We'll have taken a picture of it where it is in the store or if it's something that's a bright color or a different pattern you'll see them go straight to it," Stahl said. "They'll walk in the door and they immediately go right to what they want to find. A lot of times, too, they'll tell us they just saw it on Instagram and it'll have gone up that morning."

Although Bohemian normally posts their merchandise, they don't like it to hog the spotlight.

"I love when customers will let me put them on Instagram and if someone's trying on something new that we want to show everyone how good it looks on them or maybe how they styled it we'll put that on there," she said.

And their Instagram account isn't just about sales, but adding a personal touch.

"The best thing about instagram is that it gives people an insight into the store," Stahl said. "They really feel like they can be here with us all the time, see stuff as it's coming out of the box. Sometimes we'll take pictures of things still in the box. Just to walk people through the process, make them feel like they're here with us."

The app is free for both iPhone and Android users. You can find the boutique under ShopBohemian.

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