State Tax Refund May Require Verification Quiz

3:57 PM, Apr 4, 2013   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Filing your taxes could come with a quiz for some taxpayers in South Carolina.

The State Department of Revenue has a new measure in place to cut down on refund fraud.

"New this year, we've implemented a safeguard security measure, that will further help us process income tax return to ensure no fraudulent refunds are issued," said SCDOR spokeswoman Samantha Cheek.

The new measure comes after the Department of Revenue hacking in October that exposed the personal information of nearly 4 million South Carolinians, and could hold up your refund check.

"Some individuals will receive a letter once they've submitted their tax returns to the department of revenue and that letter will instruct individuals to either go on line or to call the department of revenue and they will be required to take an identity verification quiz ," she said.

Cheek says the quiz has about three questions that only the filer would know the answers to. She says DOR is using a vendor to provide them.

According to Cheek being selected for the new security measure is random or the result of a mistake on your return.

"It may be due to human error that a taxpayer is receiving, maybe they keyed in some information wrong, didn't fully fill out their tax return, they may kickback some returns so that may be a reason for receiving the letter but only a small amount of taxpayers will receive this letter," said Cheek.

The Department of Revenue estimates about five percent of the state's two million filers will have to take the verification quiz, but if you have a refund coming, passing just might be worth it.

"Once those questions and that quiz have been completed, the refund will be issued to the individual," said Cheek.

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