Indie Grits Shows Southern Charm

4:35 PM, Apr 12, 2013   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- The City of Columbia will get its yearly dose of the arts, cinema and now hip-hop.

"It's a big week long celebration of all the best parts of our city," executive director of the Nickelodeon Theatre Andy Smith said.

Right now, all is quiet on Main Street. But for 10 days, the Nickelodeon is hoping to energize downtown.

"Now that the Nickelodeon has moved onto the 1600 block of Main Street we really wanted to draw attention to all the energy that's down here," Smith said.

Indie Grits is getting bigger and better, kicking off with a block party on Main Street--and showing off Columbia's Southern Charm.

"Indie Grits resonates with so many people because it's about celebrating our culture. it's about putting this new face on the South, it's about showing off all the talent that's here whether it's in Columbia or across the region," Smith said. "And it's just a lot of fun."

This year, Indie Grits is trying to score cool points.

"Seeing Kool Moe Dee for free on Main Street, I mean what gets more cooler than that," said Sherard "Shekeese" Duvall who is on the executive committee for Columbia Hip-Hop Family Day.

For the first time Columbia Hip-Hop Family Day is a part of the Indie Grits festivities.

"When you have a population that's as diverse as Columbia you need to be able to cater to that diverse community. And Hip-Hop does that so well," Duvall said. "As an arts and cultural center as the Nickelodeon theatre is, it's only right to include something that caters in a musical and cultural way that's cool and hip."

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