Student: 'Bullying is Not Fun but You Learn to Deal with It'

6:12 PM, Apr 24, 2013   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX)- One Richland Northeast High School senior is doing her part to take a stand against bullying.

Erica Cooper is a senior dance student in the Palmetto Center for the Arts Program. Erica wrote, choreographed and directed her very own show piece called "Through Their Eyes".

"My show is an anti-bullying movement through dance," said Cooper.

She has been spinning on her toes since she was little and now she's using her talents to teach a very important lesson.

"I've been bullied in the past and I have friends who have been bullied to the point they have committed self mutilation."

Cooper is going above and beyond the requirements for her dance class to direct her very own show.

"She approached me in the summer to talk about the project and she definitely has a vision and it is cool to see a young person with a vision," said Nicole Hardenbergh, Dance Instructor at RNE.

Erica says that vision comes from knowing how it feels to be the punchline of every joke.

"One of the biggest lies people are told is that words don't hurt. they really do and this show is going to show people that they should be careful what they say," said Cooper. "Once it is out there you don't know what people are going to go home and do."

The show is Thursday, May 2nd at 6:30 pm at Richland Two District Auditorium on 7500 Brookfield Road.

The event is free and all donations will go toward Silent 4 the Silent.

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