Myrtle Beach's Market Commons Loses More Stores

7:59 PM, Apr 24, 2013   |    comments
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MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) - More changes are coming to The Market Common.

The latest stores to close are the Banana Republic and the Brooks Brothers; both are national chains.

Now, smaller, boutique businesses, are on the way in to fill those spots. It causes the question "Is there where The Market Common is heading?" to be asked.

Permanently locked doors are a sight that's become all too familiar at the almost five-year-old development in Myrtle Beach.

This time, it's two businesses at once.

CityMac is one of The Market Common's newer businesses.

It sits behind a main road, but that's about to change as it moves to the heart of the shopping district.

"We kind of want to get bigger, we need a bigger location, we actually are needing more space as we are here. I feel like moving there will be a better location for us in general," said Assistant Manager Cody Keats.

Keats and his team will move to what was once Banana Republic. It's now an empty store.

Brooks Brothers will now be a small business from Wilmington.

Much like Ivy & Leo is, it will be a store based out of one place with two or three branches in the surrounding area.

"This business is family owned based out of Charlotte," said associate Morgan Bendik.

She said the changes don't surprise her.

"The Market Common is kind of catering more towards the smaller businesses now, so we see more of a crowd looking for unique stores rather than stores they can find anywhere," said Bendik.

She said tourists come down here for that unique experience, but it's still too early to tell if more boutique businesses will hurt those already in place.

"We haven't really seen anything yet, but that's not to say that's not something to worry about right now."

Back at CityMac, Keats said since it's a speciality store, he doesn't expect much competition, and said seeing small business grow is better for the entire Market Common.

"We have a bunch of small businesses with an outdoor feel, it adds a very nice environment for shopping," said Keats.

There are still plenty of national chains at The Market Common.

The City of Myrtle Beach said the retail area was designed to be a center piece for homes there and that 5,000 individual homes can sit on the old air force base property.

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