Wall Of Fame Adds Two New Honorees

4:59 PM, Apr 26, 2013   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- The Columbia community came together to honor two peopl who turned their struggle into triumph.

"The cops are racing up and down the street, you see people standing on the corners doing drugs and so you kind of get tired of seeing that," Dr. Rondrick Williamson said.

That was reality for Williamson who grew up in Allen Benedict Court, a public housing complex in downtown Columbia.

He shares those similar memories with Ollie Marie Best, who lived less than a mile away in Gonzales Gardens.

"That environment, it was what it was. It was my nest so I didn't fear it or I didn't look at it as anything other than home," Best said.

And now the two are sharing another moment -- being inducted into the Wall of Fame by the Columbia Housing Authority.

Williamson lives in Atlanta working as a podiatrist. He says his mother gave him the motivation to get up and get out of Allen Benedict Court.


"Seeing her work as hard as she did, seeing her walk to and from work, seeing her go back to college at a late age was all fuel that just catapulted me into doing the things that I'm doing today," Williamson said.

As for Best, she works with the Department of Justice and says her positive attitude keeps her going.


"Growing up and doing with little and having little, but making it the best of what we had you don't realize that you are a have-not," Best said. "There was a total different world out there that I had to embrace and I wanted to embrace it."

Both Williamson and Best won't let the work stop here. 

"I'm going to go out and tell people about my experience and let them know that they don't have to stay here," Williamson said.

"There is a higher calling for me, there is more for me to do," Best said. "There's still people out there that are hungry, there's still people out there that are not encouraged, there's still people out there that need a voice."

This is the 26th annual Wall of Fame ceremony. There have been over 60 inductees since 1988.

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