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Heavy Rain Wipes Out Local Strawberry Crop

6:39 PM, Jun 7, 2013   |    comments
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Lexington, SC (WLTX)- It's been a rainy few days on Clinton Sease Farms in Lexington.

"I wish I had a bigger pond where I could catch some of this water because I know I am going to need it," said Clinton Sease.

Sease was born and raised on the Lexington farm, his dad started the business in 1942.

"Late season strawberries don't like a lot of water, they have all turned to mush," said Sease. "we started picking a few this morning, but we stopped because it was just no good."

Aaron Wood, Assistant Director of the South Carolina Department of Agriculture, says the long term benefits of heavy rains like this are invaluable.

"The more rainfall we get the better, we have been through quite a few years of drought, so this is good for Agriculture," said Wood.

While the strawberry patches are suffering, the soybean and corn crops are thriving and soon enough the wet fields will be missing the rain.

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