Study: More Children Injured By Falling TVs

5:42 PM, Jul 22, 2013   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- A study published in the Journal of Pediatrics reports more young children are being hurt by falling televisions.

"One child injured or killed from this is one too many," Chair of Safe Kids Midlands and Chief Investigator with the Irmo Fire Department, Jeff Allen said.

A new report is saying that more children are being injured by falling TVs.

With most of the victims being under the age of five.

When children are hit by older model televisions, they can sustain major injuries.

"The larger TVs with the backs, the old style televisions, those are another issue," Allen said. "They need to be placed on low, secured furniture because one of those falling three feet onto a child is the same as a child falling 10 feet off a roof or a ladder."

Many people have much thinner televisions than before, but even those present a risk.








"People need to mount them on the wall," Allen said. 

Safe Kids Worldwide reports only about 1 in 4 families have TVs mounted to the walls.

But just because it's on the wall doesn't mean it's safe.







"If you don't find the studs, your TV is going to fall. A lot of people say, 'Well, you can mount it straight to the sheet rock.' It might not fall today, it may not fall tomorrow, but I can guarantee you it is coming down sooner or later," Wire Monkey's Chief Installer C.J. Willis said.

But if you'd rather not mount your flat screen, there are other options to keep your kids safe.







"We might put in, what is called, a safety wire. A safety wire is attached to the back of the TV and attached to your furniture," Willis said. "Will it stop everything, no. But will it stop the normal tipping over, yeah."

Which ever way you decide to keep your TV stable, child safety advocates hope that this number will decrease soon.







"These are all very unnecessary injuries and fatalities that we just don't need to happen," Allen said. 

If you decide not to mount your TV and place it on furniture, technicians suggest placing it toward the the back of your TV stand.

Or use brackets and straps so it can't be moved.

For more information on child safety go to







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