Storms Put More Trees At Risk of Falling

8:05 PM, Jul 22, 2013   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- The storms we have seen recently across the Midlands have kept tree services busy dealing with the aftermath.

Communities have spent the days following cleaning up fallen trees and limbs that have landed on houses, cars and in streets.

Arthur Thompson, owner of Thompson's Tree Climbers and Landscape says if you are concerned about trees on your property toppling during the next storm you should look for warning signs.

"Anything rotten toward the base of the tree could be detrimental to the tree or to your house or your property," said Thompson. He and his crew climb trees to remove them or limbs from property.

He says color can tip you off, but it can also fool you. If you see discoloration, it is something to take note of even if other parts of the tree look fine.

"Just because it has the green on it does not mean it is in tip-top shape. You have to, basically, get it evaluated to see for certain because you can walk up to a tree like that and it's hollow on the inside all the way to the skin and you don't know because it's green," said Thompson.

According to Thompson, there are some less obvious signs you should check for as well.

"Too many roots being revealed and it's starting to mound at the base of the tree. Nine times out of ten you're gonna see it uproot. The whole tree's gonna come over, including the root," he said.

Thompson also says trees standing alone are more likely to fall then those in a group because they have less protection.

Thompson says there are some ordinances in cities and counties that restrict what can and cannot be cut, but he says an arborist with a tree removal company should be able to help you with that information.

He says if you are concerned about a tree's potential to fall on your property he says it is best to call an expert for advice.

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