Museum Exhibit Honors Civil Rights

7:01 PM, Jul 23, 2013   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- In honor of the students who desegregated USC in 1963, the university is holding events all year round to mark the anniversary.

One of the first to commemorate the 50th anniversary is a new exhibit at the McKissick Museum.

"I knew it was the star of David the minute I walked in the room," exhibit attendee Julia Long said.

Normally people don't associate the Jewish symbol with desegregation, but it fits in with McKissick's new exhibit, "If You Miss Me at the Back of the Bus."

"This is one of my favorite pieces right here, which is made from a Nazi hate book. And it was made into something beautiful and into something showing love.," Long said.

The exhibit is one of many things that will highlight USC's 50th anniversary of desegregation, but it won't just focus on what happened in the 60's.

"I think it's wrong to look at civil rights as only the struggle of African-Americans, it's the struggle for human rights, for all individuals," Michaela Pilar Brown with McKissick Museum said.

She says they received over 150 submissions of artwork reflecting the civil rights of all people; Gay rights, Native American rights and more.

"Artists were called upon to consider those things that went into making freedom. Personal freedoms, group freedoms, what the struggle is, what the struggle created," Brown said.

She says the exhibit can appeal to everyone.

"We are looking at civil rights from a human standpoint. Asking people to consider all of those things that started with the civil rights movement and moved forward," Brown said.

The exhibit is free to the public and on display until September 20.

After the exhibit is removed, the art will go on sale at a gala put on by McKissick.

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