Woman Says She's Fighting Mold Problems

6:30 PM, Aug 30, 2013   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- This rainy summer is causing a lot of people to have problems with mold. 

One woman says she's been having issues with not just the mold, but getting her apartment building to do anything about it.

"The apartment complex is in foreclosure, and they have to get approval from the bank before they do any repairs," said the woman ,who only wanted to be identified as Kelly.

She said she was fed up with the story she's been getting from her apartment's management.

"She manager told me himself, he came out to look at what was going on, and he said that it would actually cost $100,000 for them to do the repairs," Kelly said.

She said that mold has also been rotting her carpet for months, and that every time it rains it trickles down her walls and seeps inside her apartment from her patio.

She used  a fan that was seen running to dry the carpet.

"It's hard. You're paying so much for rent, and every time you call them for something, if it's not a life or death situation, there's nothing they can do about it," Kelly said.

The management company tells News19 that the apartment is not in foreclosure. Over the phone, they told us the property is in something called "receivership."

The South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs tells us that being in a receivership should not stop a management company from completing work requests.

"The receiver has to make the decision," said Danny Collins at The South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs, "not the other property manager or owner."

Kelly said that she just wants her apartment cleaned up.

"I work too hard to be giving somebody the amount that I do and not be able to live in a decent apartment," Kelly said.

It's a problem that management told us she won't have to live with for much longer.

As part of other options given to us by Consumer Affairs, you can call the county's building inspector to have them look at the issues you're having.

They said you may also file a complaint with your local magistrate's office, and may then receive a deduction in rent.

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