USC Parents Weekend Brings 10,000 People to Columbia

11:09 PM, Oct 5, 2013   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Saturday, the Carolina spirit was all in the family, as parents of many students came into Columbia to get the college town experience.

"No matter what we're always going to be there," Lee Barnett said.

Barnett and his daughter,Tessa, share more than the same last name. They're both proud Gamecocks.

It was only right Tessa came to Carolina.

"I came to USC and I loved it, fell in love ever since," Tessa Barnett said.

For Barnett, visiting his daughter brings him joy.

It also gives him a seat in Williams Brice.

"We haven't been able to get to games much until she's been here and then that's really changed things around a lot," Lee said.

And just down the way, a couple of tents over, 9-year-old Lindsey Yaun hopes to have a USC class ring like her father, Lloyd.

"We're from here and my dad worked hard to graduate from here," Lloyd Yaun said. "It was always made clear to me that that's what we are and that's what we expect."

So it comes as no surprise that Yaun's father wanted the family's Gamecock legacy to be solidified in bricks on the Horseshoe.

"He said, 'Well, get Lindsey one while you're at it. So we'll all be together,'" Yaun said. "It was really his idea. They put them in in August. And they're all five right there together."

Whether they're the class of 2015 or 2026, it wouldn't be possible without mom and dad.

"I know that I wouldn't be here today without my parents help I know I could not make it on my own," Tessa said. "They really helped me a lot through all of my years here at USC."

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