State Fair "48 Hour Film Blitz" Kicks Off

11:40 AM, Oct 12, 2013   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- There are several groups at the State Fair who say it's all business.

They are filmmakers- shooting, writing, and editing short length movies at the fairgrounds right now. They have only 48 hours to get it all done.

"I wouldn't say I was nervous," said Josh Rainwater, one of the filmmakers at the fair. Josh is leading a team of three others.

"Definitely ready to get started."

Each group of the ten groups gathered before the official start to pick random film categories. What they pick will cement the way their movie is filmed.

"I'm feeling pretty good, feeling pretty good," said Garrett James, perhaps one of the youngest in the room at 13-years-old.

James is leading a team of four others.

The ten groups are part of a competition, coined as the "48 Hour Film Blitz". The film blitz is in partnership with the State Fair and Columbia's Indie Grits. 

Every group will have just 48 hours to make their movie at the fairgrounds.

The first place finisher gets $500, but Rainwater said it is about much more than the money.

"Not valuing 'oh, this has to be the most beautiful video ever shot,'" Rainwater said, "'but more, 'this needs to be a concise and fun narrative.'"

Rainwater has been making films for years, and said while he knows the categories are chosen at random, he does know exactly which category he doesn't want.

"I also think we don't want romance because I think that's going to be kind of run of the mill for a fair story," Rainwater said.

During the random category drawing, another group drew romance instead.

Josh may know a few things about strategy, because this is not the first contest he's entered. Last year he won the Indie Grits "Young Grit Award," Rainwater said.

"Well I know some of the people here, and they're talented. It's more about the experience and the opportunity, because it's pretty stiff, the competition is," Rainwater said.

As far as age, James said he wouldn't let his age detract from his confidence.

"I mean, I've been making films since i was eight or nine," James said. "This is just a great experience for me,and it's going to make me better, so i'm just happy to be here."

Rainwater provided the unequivocal statement of agreement.

"It's going to be interesting," said Rainwater.

You can help judge the winner, the finished films will be submitted at 5 p.m. Sunday. On Monday you can find them on, you'll be able to watch the films and cast a vote for your favorite.

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