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Warm Weather Gives Many A Chance to Enjoy Activity

7:40 PM, Dec 20, 2013   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- We've been in winter since the start of the month, according to meteorologists, but Saturday marks the day many calendars say is the start of winter.

This season, folks have found the weather to be unpredictable, but with warm weather today, some got a chance to head out and enjoy it.

Whether it was enjoying a stroll through the park, catching a breeze on a swing, or playing a few rounds of disc golf, Midlands residents found with weather that has been up and down, Friday may have been the perfect day to get out and enjoy things they may not be able to otherwise.

"It's great," said Max Hardy, who was playing disc golf with two of his friends at Owens Field Park in Columbia. "It's just a nice way to come out and enjoy the day."

Though he's out now with his friends, Ralph and Jesse, who both said they have no problems playing when the weather is a bit on the cooler side, it's Hardy who said colder weather may keep him away. 

"If it's really raining, or really cold or something like that, I just don't want to be out in that usually," Hardy said.

Warmer weather even gave some a chance to grab the skateboard and head to the skate park near where the trio was playing disc golf, but it's actually walking through a nearby park where Emory Markwood, 73, was getting a break from bad weather.

"If it's extremely cold, raining and really wet, and really bad and cold out, it will stop me," Markwood said of the weather.

Markwood said he usually doesn't mind cooler temperatures.

"But if it's raining, I don't like the rain," he said.

Markwood said he has been walking the same path at Columbia's Rosewood Park six days each week for the past 10 to 15 years, but it's on days when he's able to shed his jacket on the way out the door it is especially enjoyable.

"I don't need it. It's not that cold today," Markwood said.

News19 Chief Meteorologist Jim Gandy said the weather can be traced back toward the start of fall.

"We've been on a roller coaster ride since late October," Gandy said. "It's been up, it's been down, the extremes on both ends, both high temperatures and low temperatures. There's no climate signal that tells us what should be happening as far as the pattern we're seeing."

That may possibly be a reason to get out and enjoy the weather while you can.

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