Last Minute Shoppers Searching Out Deals

9:17 PM, Dec 21, 2013   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- We are inching closer toward the big day when many people will be unwrapping gifts, but with just days left before Christmas, many are hitting the road, looking to grab a few last minute items.
That is how some spent the last Saturday before the holiday.

The signs are everywhere, getting people into stores to shop for deals as the calendar moves closer to the day marked on many calendars.

Cooperating weather definitely seemed to be the case Saturday, causing droves of shoppers to pack parking lots full of cars, and also bringing families and friends to stores to look for the best prices. 

Nakia Davis, accompanied to the Macy's store on Two Notch Road by her young son and his friend, planned to return when her son was not around.

Davis said bringing the kids out shopping with her was "kind of discouraging because they want to whine and beg for everything they see." Davis added that she did not want the children to see what she was buying because she wanted it to be a surprise from "the elves," she said, referring to Santa's helpers.

"I don't want him to see me getting anything today," she said.

Davis admitted she is usually a last minute shopper, but only because the end of the year is typically when she finds that holiday shopping is at its best.

"You have better sales. You have much better sales toward the end, I think," said Davis.

But those deals may not be on everyone's list.

At the Soda City Market, many were out picking up items they came across, but Jen Barnes finished her shopping early, and brought her kids out for the ice-skating.  

"Well we don't have any big-ticket items that are going to be under the tree," Barnes said. "It's all going to kind of be smaller stuff. Our kids make a list, and we try to do what we can do."

With just days to go before Christmas, there may still be a little time left for those left on your list, but Denise Hartzell got the chance to cross the last person off her list.

"Our family's up in Ohio," Hartzell said. "We've got them all taken care of through the mail. It's a beautiful day in South Carolina, and I'm just out shopping for myself."

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