Which Cars Are Most Likely to Receive Traffic Tickets?

11:06 AM, Oct 16, 2010   |    comments
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(USA Today) - OK, we can understand how drivers of Mercedes-Benz SL-Class convertibles are the most likely to receive traffic tickets.

But it's not just about rich-guy cars: Toyota Camry/Solara and Scion tC were next on the list.

The SL drivers are cited about four times as often as the average U.S. motorist, says a Bloomberg News account of a study by Verisk Analytics. Verisk's Quality Planning unit looked at traffic tickets for 12 months through February to conduct its analysis.

Mercedes was well represented. It had three car models among the 10 most-cited per mile driven.

Verisk, which supplies of data to insurers, doesn't blame the cars. Rather, apparently the cars in the Top 10 are those preferred by motorists who like to drive fast. By contrast, big haulers like SUVs and minivans were among the least cited. The Buick Rainier, for instance, placed dead last.

Bloomberg notes that the SL has a brochure on its website that boasts that it was "born to win races."

Top Ten:

1.) Mercedes-Benz SL Class
2.) Toyota Camry-Solara
3.) Scion TC
4.) Hummer H2/H3
5.) Scion XB
6.) Mercedes-Benz CLS AMG
7.) Acura Integra
8.) Pontiac Grand Prix
9.) Mercedes-Benz CLK AMG
10.) Volkswagon GTI

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