Watch Out for SEC Championship Game Tickets Scams

7:16 PM, Nov 19, 2010   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) - If you're still trying to find a way to get a ticket for the Gamecocks' trip to the SEC Championship game, you need to be careful about some of the places you'll be shopping.  

There have been three official places you can get the real thing: the USC Athletics Department, an Auburn connection (if you have one), or through the SEC itself.

The Georgia Dome, where the game is played, seats close to 72,000 people. Auburn and South Carolina were each allotted almost 16,000 tickets. USC's allotment was taken by Gamecock Club members, which leaves roughly 40,000 tickets available.

All other markets are secondary, and it's possible that some vendors are a scam.

On eBay, tickets are ranging from $400 to bids of up to $4,000. There are plenty of other websites claiming to have the tickets, even ones based in Britain.

"We would encourage you to be very careful about that when you're buying the tickets," says USC Director of Media Relations Steve Fink. "It would be helpful if you knew the person you're getting them from or trust them in some way. It's just a case of buyer beware."

The SEC in Atlanta does have a ticket verification window. While this may be a stretch for some, if you want to be sure your ticket is the real deal, you can get it verified there before the game.

The SEC Championship game will be televised on WLTX on December 4.


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