Julisa Muldrow

8:58 PM, Jan 26, 2011   |    comments
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Julisa Muldrow

Columbia, SC (WLTX) - There have been times when Airport's Julisa Muldrow didn't feel like playing basketball anymore. Fortunately, her mom wouldn't let her quit.

"She's the reason why I play," said Muldrow. "There have been times I didn't want to play anymore, but she pushed me through it. She's all I got."

Eagles head coach Trey Wallace is the beneficiary of Muldrow's continued desire to play, and boy is he thankful. "She's one of the hardest working players I've ever had in my entire career," said a beaming Wallce. "If I had 12 players like her every year, we'd be in good shape.

That's quite a compliment coming from a man who's been with the Eagles 17 years. "When I'm on the court, I'm in the zone. Nothing else matters," said Muldrow. "This is my senior year, so I want to go out with a bang.

Muldrow explodes in the classroom too with a 4.0 GPA. "I've always worked hard on my grades, even before basketball," said Muldrow.

An avid reader, she also loves science and is a self-proclaimed math geek. She's also News 19's Player of the Week.

If you know of a scholar-athlete who deserves to be honored, e-mail ari@wltx.com or player@wltx.com.

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