Family of Girl Killed in Car Accident Shares Their Memories

8:34 PM, Jan 2, 2012   |    comments
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Emma Longstreet

Lexington, SC (WLTX) - After bond was set for 26-year-old Billy Hutto, Jr., who's charged with DUI in an accident that killed a 6-year-old, the little girl's family and friends spoke about their memories of her.

Emma Longstreet and her family were on their way to church when it all happened. Her pastor takes some comfort in that, as her family relies on their memories of times with her. "We pray for Mr. Hutto," Longstreet's aunt, Rhonda Stewart says, "We believe in a God that is bigger than us and that's in control of everything. And we don't know why he had to take Emma now, but we do know that he's control of it all.  And we just want justice for Emma."

Stewart has mixed emotions about the man charged in her neice's death. But there's one thing she knows for sure. "She was just a loving, loving child and she loved her family," she says. 

That's what Longstreet's pastor at Northside Baptist Church, Scott Crede, saw in her too. "Little Emma was full of energy. She would run from sunday school class to sunday school class. Her brothers would chase her down; very, very protective of their little sister," he remembers. 

He found out about the accident during the church service that the Longstreets were on their way to. Recalls Crede, "We prayed as a congregation for the family and then after that, I went up to the hospital too."

And since then, they've all come together - congregation and family members as one. "By the time I went to the hospital, we had a whole waiting room full of people praying for them," says Crede. Adds Stewart, "It'll be a void that no one can ever fill. We'll have to fill it with our memories and our good times with Emma and our precious moments with her."

They're united in their memories of her and in wanting justice for their little girl. "I heard some remorse in his voice and I appreciate that. But, there's just consequences for bad choices," says Stewart. 

Emma's father and three brothers are still in the hospital with various injuries, but all are expected to be okay

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