Lexington County Solicitor Donnie Myers Facing Open Container Charge

5:49 PM, Jun 8, 2012   |    comments
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Donnie Myers

Lexington County, SC (WLTX) - Eleventh Circuit Solicitor Donnie Myers is facing an open container charge after he was pulled over by a state trooper.

The incident took place on May 25 in Lexington County just after 10 p.m. Myers is scheduled to have a court hearing on the matter on June 14.

News19 filed a Freedom of Information Act request to obtain a copy of the dash cam video from the trooper's car that pulled over Myers. The clip, which is 16 minutes in length, shows the exchange between Myers and two officers following the arrest.

The video shows Myers car pulling over to the side of the road, and the solicitor getting out of his vehicle and greeting the officer. He asked, "What did I do?"

On the videotape, the trooper told Myers that "before we got to Old Cherokee [Road] you were driving down the middle of the road."

Myers responded that he was listening to the University of South Carolina baseball game.

When asked by the officer if he'd been drinking, Myers responded that he had "a drink or two."  The officer asked what was in the cup, and Myers said it was scotch.

He later said that the drink was "her drink," referring to his girlfriend. She was not in the car, but in one part of the video, Myers points off in one direction and says that she was there. Myers added that he had just dropped her off at her house.

A second officer arrived, and Myers was again asked how much he'd had to drink, and he said again, "two drinks." The officer then asked him to walk for him, but Myers said he couldn't because he'd had back and shoulder surgery. Subsequently, the officer asked him if anything was wrong with his eyes, and Myers said there wasn't.

The officer then proceeded to ask Myers to touch the top of his pen, and follow the movements of the pen. One of the officers then took a cup out of the car and inspected it.

After going back to his vehicle for a few minutes, the officer returned and cited Myers for open container. He advised him of his court date, and let Myers leave the scene.

This is not the first time Myers has faced a similar type of charge. In 2005, officers in Asheville, North Carolina stopped him while he was on a business trip. They reported that a breathalyzer test showed he was above the legal limit for alcohol.

He pleaded guilty later in the year to charges of driving while impaired and possession of an open container.

At the time, Myers released a statement saying in part, "I'm not pleased with anything I did. I made a mistake, the wrong choice, and I'm absolutely to blame."

He also had to pay a fine.

Myers has been the eleventh circuit solicitor since 1976. The office prosecutes cases in Lexington, Saluda, Edgefield, and McCormick Counties. He is running unopposed in next Tuesday's primary election.


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