"It's Obviously Not A Normal Bike"

7:31 PM, Oct 19, 2012   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- A memorial for a hit and run victim keeps disappearing.

"It's the same as a memorial for victims of a car crash. You tend to leave those alone, leave the ghost bikes alone," said Cait Costello of the Palmetto Cycling Coalition.

In September 2008, William Wilson was struck on his bicycle and killed right here in a hit and run. After Wilson's funeral, a friends of his put out the ghost bike.

"Ghost bikes are kind of an impromptu memorial," said Costello. "A lot like flowers on the side of a road where a car crash happened."

"The fact that it happened so close to home and such an innocent bike ride it always had little knots in my stomach when I drove by it," said Maura Wilson, Wiliiam's mother.

A ghost bike in memory of Wilson sat in the Shandon community, but two years after it went up, it disappeared. And when another bike went up, it disappeared again. And then twice more.

"It makes you wonder if it could be the same person each time," Wilson said.

"People might just think it's an abandoned bike and think, 'Hey, free bike,'" Costello said. "It's obviously not a normal bike."

The Palmetto Cycling Coalition took to Facebook in search of information, but didn't get any leads.

"It might have spooked somebody, it might have made them unfomfortable. I don't know," Wilson said.

She wants people to know this isn't a memorial for her son only.

"It represents a fallen rider, not just William," Wilson said. "All the fallen riders around the world.

Wilson says she has heard that people in the community want to put up another bike to commemorate her son.

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