"We Did Our Part"

11:15 PM, Nov 12, 2012   |    comments
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Varnville,SC (WLTX) - On a day that many of us pause to thank the men and women who gave their time and some their lives so we can be free, News 19 sat down with a World War II veteran who served with his four brothers.

"I went in the Navy and was going to do four years and then get out. Then the war started and of course I wasn't going to get out because they were not going to let me out," said Frank Horton.

97 year-old Frank Horton and his four other brothers all joined the Navy right before World War II.

"I tell you, now I look at it, it was really good. But at the time it was rough, it was really rough," said Horton.

Horton was one of few men in the military that served on the same ship as his other brothers.

After the five Sullivan brothers died together they ordered other families, like the Horton's, split up.

"They said your parents, your mother and your dad; it will make it much easier on them if one of you or five of you left, so we separated."

He says it made him and his brothers feel like proud Americans because they served in a actual war..

"Peace-time anyone can do that, but it got pretty rough at war."

Horton says they always tried to keep in contact with their parents. One Fathers day they stopped by the Brooklyn Navy yard and got to talk to their mom and dad on the radio.

"They took my father and mother from Yemassee, South Carolina  and flew them to Washington DC and put them on the radio and put us on the radio in Time Square and they got to tell us about everything."

Throughout what looks like a short seven years in the military on paper, it was a hard time for the Horton brothers in their 20's.

Horton says he is still proud to be able to say he served his country. Along side his brothers, fighting so that we can be free.  

"We helped do it, I look back now and say that we did our part, yes I am real thankful for that and they were also."

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