What Santa Wants For Christmas

11:20 PM, Nov 15, 2012   |    comments
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Lexington, SC (WLTX) - He has spent a lifetime, listening to the wishes of little children. Some want a doll, some want a bike, and others want video games.

"All time favorite is Barbie dolls for kids, and believe it or not a lot of kids still ask for GI Joes after all these years," said Fred McCurdy who also answers to Santa.

For more than 25 years, this Santa's lap has been filled with hundreds of kids, young and old.

"I just love being around children and making them happy and making them smile," said McCurdy.

But there's one little girl, "Ah she is beautiful," said McCurdy. That's arguably his favorite.

"She knew who I was but didn't know who I was. She was very careful not to say anything. She didn't call me "Pee-paw, she called me Santa Claus."

That little girl is his Granddaughter, Kennedy Branham.

"Sometimes I wish I could give her whatever she wanted."

But there is one wish that even Santa cant grant.

"I lay at night just dreaming and I wake up and pinch myself and see if its been a dream this past year."

Kennedy is battling with cancer.

"Cancer is bad for anyone but when it's a vibrant teenager like Kennedy is, it's just heart wrenching."

Many people around the Midlands have shown support for Kennedy in some way.

Her grandfather says she is a fighter who's keeping her eye on the future.

"Kennedy knows she is sick, she knows she has this cancer. She is not letting it get her down she is meeting this thing head on."

"She is continuing school; she wants to be a vet technician and wants to work at the zoo. She has so many plans and her and her friends still make plans, this is not holding her back. She is not letting it get to her she is going on with her life."

In the midst of this tough situation for the family, Santa says it has taught their family one important thing.

"We all have learned to say, we love you a whole lot more now. We want to know more about each other. Kennedy has a purpose in life and she is bringing people together and this family together like anyone I have ever seen before, it's just amazing."


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